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Welcome to the world of creative ice cream
Get ready for true ice cream enjoyment

The renaissance of in-house, innovative ice cream production is upon us: with organic ingredients – high quality – and esprit. Our priorities are taste, freshness and health.

To make sure it’s always ice cream season for our visitors, we work all year round on refining our ice cream varieties in our laboratory. We aim to offer you a veritable feast for your eyes and your taste buds. Our ice cream production uses no artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives, and is free from hydrogenated vegetable fats.

Our creative product range spans our organic varieties, familiar classics like spaghetti and pizza ice cream, ice cocktails, ice with prosecco, ice with yoghurt, sushi ice (mini-format ice creams), semi-frozen creations, warm cakes with ice cream and ice cream creations for children all the way to ice cream sundaes with fresh fruit. Everything is made in-house – even our edible waffle and pastry decorations or our chocolate and fruit sauces.

Visitors who would like to do without sugar can choose from our fructose-based varieties.
And those who can’t eat dairy products can select from our lactose-free ice creams.

Our ice cream is the star of the show. That’s why we present our refreshing delicacies in a large display cabinet especially designed in Italy, an absolute one-of-a-kind – and a real feast for the eyes!

Summers in Germany can be unpredictable. But we are the culinary highlight of Potsdamer Platz all year round, tickling your taste buds every month of the year.

It’s always ice cream season for us! Delicious – fresh – healthy: Caffè e Gelato on Potsdamer Platz